Debt Collection

Does your business have unpaid debts? Here at Executive Enforcement we are able to collect all B2B debt on a no win, no fee basis meaning our service is completely risk-free to you – all you have to lose is your unpaid debt.

So How do we do it?

Firstly you should know that B2B debt collection does not require any court orders or solicitor involvement again keeping your costs to a minimum. Once you instruct us no matter the size of debt or the number of debts, the beginning process is the same for all and is as simple as a phone call.

Now I know what your thinking, we have done all this and it has not got the debt paid, so what’s different about Executive Enforcement? Well bringing in a 3rd party to collect the debt shows your customer that you are serious about collecting this debt and this can be surprisingly effective in getting the debt paid straight away. Don’t worry if it doesn’t prompt payment as we don’t stop there – we will then send your customer a letter demanding payment within 7 days and explaining the consequences they could face. If no contact is made after the agreed 7 days we will then send one of our experienced collection agents to your customers premises.

It is at this point that for the evasive customer the issue has now become real. Calls can be blocked, letters can be thrown away and emails can be deleted. However once a collection agent is stood in front of them there is no where left to run. Once we have the customer our collections agent will advise that payment has to be made in full immediately, if this isn’t to happen they will explain the various avenues we go down to make sure this debt is collected one way or another.

What are my options if the customer refuses to pay?

Rest assured Executive Enforcement is very experienced in what we do and will always push to get payment made as quickly as possible while still preserving the relationship between you and your customer (assuming this is of importance to you). In the unlikely event that payment isn’t forthcoming we don’t stop there. Executive Enforcement still have options for you from filing a CCJ against your customer and if needed escalating to the High Court giving us the ability to take control of your customers goods to get the debt paid or even involving an insolvency practitioner who could end up issuing a Winding Up Petition against your customer.

Both options have criteria which must be met and insolvency proceedings can carry cost but in the first instance, both these options will be worked on a no win no fee basis, meaning we are able to explore every avenue to collect your debt.

Instruct us today

To instruct Executive Enforcement to act on your behalf please fill out the ‘instruct us’ form by clicking the button below. Once the instruction is received we will confirm this with a confirmation email and then call you to explain the next step and answer any questions.